Thursday, 1 November 2012

Geometric Jewellery Michael Milloy

Michael Milloy has work alongside many well known fashion designers , creating outstanding pieces of textured, geometric jewellery. Milloy captured my attention for inspiration as the plank mask and many other African mask have contained geometric shapes as a spiritual symbolism.  

Milloy's jewellery resembles the shapes of African mask and body adornments, the textures are appealing as they remind me of clay plates that women in Mursi and Suri tribes wear . The women stretch their bottom lips using clay plates from a young as in order to marry, the larger the clay plate the more cattle they will be given when married . 

Mursi tribe
The detailing on the clay plate adds identity to the plate, the circular shapes are also shadowed in the headress and the necklaces. The texture on the face and body can be recreated using face masks or fuellers earth, the paint has smudged into the necklace and the clay plate which adds more texture to the objects.
Another member of the Mursi tribe the textures in this image are accentuated through the monochrome tones. The leather, matt texture against the cloth and skin is exquisite . like the picture above circular shapes are the main featured of body adorned which reflect the work of Milloy .

Mursi Tribe - An amazing image of a Mursi woman the accessories are beautiful, as I was saying in my previous research using the shapes of animals bones to create accessories would be perfect for this type of image. The clay plate is immense in size, it is visible how tightly fitted to the mouth it is on the lower lip, the pain of carrying this must be extreme. The facial marks resemble the texture of sand, I like how the pattern and colour is suttle as the accessories are extreme .

Another Mursi clay plate which again has been decorated with a pattern , the lines in the clay plate reflect the multiple metal hopes in the earrings . the different plaits and fastenings of the stringed headed piece add to the styling. When looking at each individual object it is evident how much time and effort has gone into making the objects, much like the modern jewellery designers of today . However, little do they know they are trendsetting for nations of fashionistas .

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