Sunday, 11 November 2012

FAKE Scarification

In this practical session the objective was to produce skin that appeared to have scarification. To create this effect I used fullers earth mixed with a small amount of water in order for it to form a paste, I then applied thinly to the skin. As this was drying I tapped the skin lightly with my finger and it created an amazing texture upon the skin.  I think it appeared more realistic because I used my finger, this meant it had my finger prints in the scars making the appearance of real skin once it had dried, rather that a flat surface. 

These images are when the fullers earth is partly drying,I really like the grainy texture that the fullers earth produces and also how it doesn't appear too thick. This would be a quick and effective way to cover the skin for the editorial shoot as it only took around 10 minutes to create this effect.

On the hand I used a spatular and added scores across the fingers and hand . I wanted to create two textures to see which I preferred however, when I had done both I felt that both textures add to the design and reflect the textures in the tribal scarification .

I then used an aqua palette to add colour to the skin, I began with black and applied this in patterns that I had seen in my research . I then added gold to create a shimmer to the skin and then started splattering the aqua paint. I really like this effect it has a beautiful textures and the colours jump out . 

Close up - I would like to add false nails that are extremely long to add to the theme of body adornment , these would continue the same theme as the rest of the hand.

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