Thursday, 8 November 2012

Inspired Drawings

These drawings were inspired by the work of Enkeling, I wanted to encourage colour in my designs, but was initially a bit scared as all of my research has been mostly monochrome. However, the research into tribal gatherings displayed many wonderful colours and vivid designs.This has allowed me to add colour to black and white portraits, using the patterns of tribal tattoos and the patterns of Enkeling.
It has also made me think about adding colour to the hair in blocks , which I created in practical sessions with Lottie, using face masks and applying colour over the top of the mask once it had dried.

The last drawing is my favourite as I feel the design suits the styling and the position of the model, it also looks like an editorial image . In my next drawings I would like to take forward the colour element but recreate the drawings using only tribal tattoos.

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