Sunday, 18 November 2012

Development of Catwalk Image

This is the development of my catwalk make up. 
I used the fullers earth on the skin , then as it was drying I carved in the scarification designs. When the fullers earth dried it gave this amazing texture , which I then covered with yellow and gold from the aqua palette . I then added golds and browns to the eyes , this keeps the basic make up natural but will accentuate the eyes on camera.

After creating this image I would like to add more golden tones to the original foundation to give a sun ,glimmering effect . I would also like to add scarification to the lips to enhance them on the catwalk . This will be something I will recreate this week and continue developing . 

When looking into my hair design I knew the circular shape would be difficult, I attached a polystyrene ball into the hair then plaited the end of the hair . I like the style but when I used this in my final image I will spray the ball black so it is disguised in the dark hair .

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