Monday, 12 November 2012


These are a combination of textures and colours that I have gathered together  to begin my colour palette, once I have produced some working designs I will decide on a colour palette for both my images. 

Texture : Grainy, Earthy, rough to touch 
Colour : Brown , beige, yellow, white 

Texture : Shiny, as the fabric is printed it has cracked it different places ,which remind me of the ancient sculptures. 
Colour : Grey/Brown and Silver  

Texture : Velour, Smooth to touch , luxury 
Colour : Golden 

Texture : Velour stripes, raised, reminded me of scored scarification skin 
Colour: Black,Beige 
Texture : Thick, weaved , sack material . This reminded me of plaited cornrows in the hair . 
Colour : Golden brown 
Texture : printed fabric, slightly stretched appears knitted, delicate to touch 
Colour : Grey and cream printed in a tribal design, I like how there appear opposite. 
Texture : Printed velour on thick stiff fabric . 
Colour : Black and cream 
Texture : ribbed, prominent, reminded me of hair styles.
Colour : Beige 
Texture : Rough to touch in cut of places , smooth were the cotton stitch  
Colour :Brown, Orange, Beige 
Texture: Velour , shredded , knotted together, like a strap to carry hunting objects 
Colour : Brown 
Texture : Flat , carpeted feel 
Colour :Cream patterns , black 
Texture: Like the image that I talked about earlier this is velour stripes 
Colour :Beige, green 

Texture : Raised prints 
Colour : Red , white , Blue patterns that remind me of tribal patterns
Texture: Satin , cotton , stitched 
Colour : cream, green 
Texture : Velour , cotton 
Colour : Cream , black , brown 

After stating the textures and the colours of all the materials that I have gathered I realised I have theme of colour : Brown, black, cream and yellow . These are the colour I would aim for clothing as I want to add colour to my make up designs but want them to be a focus of the image, rather than secondary to the clothing they should compliment each other .
The textures that were repeated in my materials were : Velour, cotton, and stitched patterns. 
I would like to bring texture to my image through clothing, but I want it to represent the culture of the tribes I am researching.

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