Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hair development

I create these looks using polystyrene balls it was very simple an easy to do . It is something I would like to do for my final images . I would like to recreate a hair style from a sculpture that I am currently researching , this will be incorporated with the headdress I am currently making . 

I added crepe hair to cover the bobbles , I like how this has added colour and texture , this will look amazing captured in the shoot . 

I then dragged the crepe hair down the pony tail which created  a dread lock style . This was just out of luck that this appeared as I went to pull the crepe hair out . 

I stuffed the hair with a donut shape that pulled the hair back onto it , I then weaved the crepe hair over the shape . I like this weaved effect I think it would look better if it was tighter and more crepe hair . 

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