Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hair Sculptures

This is a collection I have gathered of tribal hair sculptures , these are the only real reference to how the hair would have been in the past and now. 

This was a sculpture I found at the Horniman museum in London , I really like the plaits and the pattern they have created alongside the scarification . The height in this hair is something I want to recreate , I would achieve this using wire or stuffing, it is something I would have to practise.

Image found :

This hair appear to be braided following the contours of the head , it then looks as though a headdress has been worn or the hair has been adorned with jewellery . Again these are circular shapes which I have found is very common shape amongst tribes . I also would like to recreate the round fat dread locks that look like spikes, I could achieve this with stuffing . 
Image found :
This Sculpture has an interesting Kriss Cross pattern , this could be a good hair style to trail , as this also reflects the environment they live in , as many tribes create their homes out of weaved wood . The large point could be recreated with polystyrene balls or flatten polystyrene .

Image found :
The sounds that must come from the mask must be amazing every time the head is turned the mask will make a unique noise . I think this would be difficult to recreate as I would not know how to attach the metal cylinders to the hair. 

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