Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Jewellery is an extention of our identity' - Naomi Filmer

Naomi Filmer
Filmer is a jewellery designer that has taken accessories to the next level, working with natural materials such as ice and chocolate to develop innovate and inspiring jewellery. I was reading the V&A exhibition collection of Out of The Ordinary : Spectacular craft and I came across the work of Filmer. I was captivated by the movement in the jewellery each piece has been created to work with the body, I would like to use this as inspiration for the styling of my final images. Taking into consideration that the body working around the clothes and accessories rather than the styling taking command of the image.

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The shape of the jewellery makes the hand appear carved into silver, it also creates a patterns within the movement of the hand which I would never have thought about before . In my previous research I was looking into the cutting designs out of materials to create stencils,then using the shadows which were cast as patterns for my tattooing and hair designs. This technique could be created by the positioning of the hand in the image and the casting of the shadows on the back ground would create further tribal references and physical transformations in my work . Although this will difficult with casting the correct light on the model I would like to experiment with this idea, it is exciting to think about the entire image rather than just the model.

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The design of this piece of jewellery instantly makes me think of a skull of a wild animal, reinforcing the tribal theme in the brief this would be an amazing concept for jewellery designs. Taking into consideration the  shapes of animal skeletons  that would be used by certain tribes to survive off, then creating jewellery to emphasise their exsistance within that tribe.

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This is an intimate piece of jewellery, its is a strong piece that has been carved from ice , it is an unusual place to wear jewellery in our culture. However, in tribal cultures this would be a place that would be adorned with jewellery, usually wood carving or clay. the shape is beautiful and would look amazing in the editorial image.
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An image from Filmer's Breathing Volumes Project , the designs were created from a series of facial imprints that Filmer recorded when inhaling and exhaling. This is an intriguing concept and the final objects are much more than jewellery, I really like how Filmer has created fantastic objects on the body using the natural actions of a human .
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Another form of ice jewellery, at first sight I immediately wanted to touch the surface of the ice, the texture will change within seconds from the heat of the hand and the lights in the studio. Its astonishing to think that within minutes this jewellery will be only existing as a puddle of water on the floor , however the beauty that has been captured during its reign is undeniable. I like the translucently in the ice , the lines of the other fingers are visible but hazy.

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