Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Developing Scarification

I am trying to work out the most realistic way of representing scarification on the skin , in the following images I have used lentils, rice, PVA glue, Latex. I created the designs by looking in designs on the bodies, textiles and ceramics .

First ever attempt and I hate it !! It looks like rice on the arm I think this is due to the rice being to thick and clumped together . I did not realise it would appear like this on the skin , I know next time I would have to do a delicate design.

I added colour to the lentils which made it look worse , I think scarification should be just one colour, shadows can be enhanced, but I think adding strong colour just does not work for the effect I was hoping for .

This was the scarification with no make up on .

I then added foundation to cover the rice and lentils , I think it looks ummmm ..... OK , but it is not something i would like to take further , I don't feel it looks realistic enough . I would rather build up a design that looks like skin . This would probably look like skin on the catwalk but i feel it would be too time consuming for the time limit that I have and it would also easily come off it the model changed clothes .

This is something I keep reminding my self as I would like the hands to be in the image and I believe this brief really let's me be very experimental with how the hands can be used in terms of make up .

When creating this design I looked at the ceramic pots , these are designed by the women of the family and often mirror the same pattern as their scarification on the skin . 

I used Duo to create this design , I think it worked really well as it is easy to control with the small application hole . I also prefer this as it drys like skin rather that the rice that still looks alien to the skin. I did cover the skin with foundation once the Duo had dried however I found that it was too thick, next time I would like to add primer to the foundation .

This was a patch of latex that I placed on the skin , that I then scratched the latex and this was the outcome. I really like the effect it has given , this was very quick to achieve which would be good for either image .

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