Thursday, 17 January 2013

Final Images

Due to turning my images into PDF for the submission I can not upload them onto the blog. I have now submitted my work which also includes the timed assessment .

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Catwalk shoot

This a few sketches of the styling, hair and make up that I propose to do for my final Catwalk Shoot.
I realise that this is a very full make up for a catwalk however , I have designed this to be worn for a model that does not need to change into other clothing. I feel this will look amazing as the show goes on as the fullers earth will become more textured . This will represent the history of tribes and represent their beautiful ceramics . The make will look like it is decaying in front of the audience. I am very happy with the textures that will be portrayed in this image.

This image references :
  • Mursi tribe - through the fullers earth on the face
  • Theo-mass Lexileictous  - fullers earth on the face and hair
  • Sing sing - Fullers earth on the face and hair
  • Haiti dolls - Hair braiding
  • Ceramics - Fullers earth on hair and face and hair design
  • Scarification - many tribes that I have researched

Keeping styling to a minimum as I would like the main focus to be the make up and the tribes I have referenced wear little if any clothes

Sketch if the hair which I have developed in previous posts .

Face chart for final catwalk shoot

Editorial Shoot Plans

Here are a few sketches of the editorial shoot and how I plan to style the shoot . All the accessories are handmade by myself . This image references :

  • Mursi tribe through the use of circular shapes in the hair and around the neck.
  • Scarification which is present in many tribes that I have research
  • Kayapo tribe through the body painting 
  • Ceramics through the scarification pattern and hair and fullers earth
  • Sing Sing through the feathers in the necklace. 
  • Naomi Filmer metal necklace .

For the hair I took inspiration from the shapes of Ceramic pots , I like how the handles are the hair and this made me think of designing a hair style to reflect this . 

The clothing is simple as most of the tribes that I have research have worn very little clothing and I felt if I added colour in the top it would take away from the statement necklaces .

This is the face chart for the Editorial shoot . 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Practice shoot

I used this as an experiment to see how the techniques would appear on camera and to practice a face chart I had designed .
Before going into the studio I practice sticking feathers on the eyelashes these stems were taken from large colourful feather and applied using DUO . 

The basic make up and hair before adding colour. I can used the same techniques on different shoots. To get the hair backcomb in a straight line over the centre of the head I separated the hair into 5 ponytails horizontally across the head, then backcombed . I really like this effect and feels it looks like a headdress .  

Although the camera has overexposed alot of the images , I am pleased with the final outcome . I like the scarification and the fullers earth in the hair .
The feathers are a great effect and very easy to apply although a little time consuming 

I feel the hair looks too messy and does not have enough structure so I will return to my original plan of the mohawk for the editorial . But I will incorporate the scarification into the image . I will also adapt the fullers earth to use with my catwalk image .

Development of face charts

A very quick drawing and make up just to get an idea of the coulur and the effect on the camera . no base has been applied to the sking in these images .

This was inspired by the ceremonies and the elaborate dress that some tribes wear at these gatherings . I like the red forehead and would like this alot more if it carried on into the hair . I also like the eyes the line underneath draws your attention to them instantly and this is could be a gathering to find a wife or husband. Drawing the attention towards the eyes is a good outcome of this design 

Texture- Wales

On a recent trip to visit friends in the valleys of Wales i came across this beautiful , silky green moss that was sliding down the moutain. My first initial though was how amazing this would look in the hair as the grass looks like hair .  It also reminds me of the work of Theo -Mass  Lexileictous.

Experimenting with face masks rather than fullers earth . This is applied thickly to the skin and completely does dry as textured as the fullers earth a smoother finish is achieved with face masks .

This is thinly applyed and 'blobbed' on to try and make some texture however I think as I want the breaking texture to appear as it is was an ancient pot this is going to be smooth . This may work better in the hair .

Developing Face Charts

This is the design that I will hopefully be using for my Editorial shoot . I feel this captures alot of techniques which i have learnt over the course of the year in the technical session and through my research. It is a mash up of tribal references from the Mursi tribe, Kayapo tribe and all the tribes in which scarification is present .

However, I used African scupltures to achieve the patterns on the scarification .
The entire upper body will be covered in black stripes using aqua pallette .The neck will have fullers earth on each side down to the shoulders with carved in patterns .

This was just a quick practice run of the eyes to see how dark the eyeshadow would appear , there is no base on in this image. I now have a good idea how this look will appear on the day of the shoot .

Creating scarifcation using duo :
I place a line of Duo on the skin the wiped over it with a folded sheet of paper to gain the ridges at either side of the scar.

I wanted to see what happens to Duo when colour is brushed over , using aqua colour i brush over the scars and I got an amazing result , The colours do not drown out the scar it is still visible through and appears more realistic . I will be using this affect in the editorial shoot .

Technical session - Prosthetics

Technical session - Prosthetic Application

The first step to adding a prostheic to  the face is to remove all make up and clean the area . Then mark the area with eyeliner( something that will give a precise line but rub of easy) . Add Spirit gum to the prosthetic and apply to the face ensureing all the edges are securly stuck down . Foundation base can then be added or the colour of the design.

From this angle the nose looks quite realistic , however as this is a theatrical nose up close it is very obvious that it is fake . I found applying the nose very simple and woud be a great technique to completly change the appearence of a person .

To remove the nose Spirit gum remover is used around the join of the nose and it is gently lifted off.

Hair Development

These images of hair development have evolved by gaining  inspiration from: traditional tribal hair style, the headdress and accessories of the Mursi Tribe , the geometric shapes and jewellery which has been a constant theme in my research including lip plates ,  the artwork of Damyoneong Yoo-hartlaub and the sculptures that I saw at the  Horniman museum , London.
These are just practices the finished hair for my shoots will be finished off using products and may have crepe hair , fullers earth orother accessories .
This was created by seperating the hair into 3 sepertate ponytails. Each ponytail was then backcomb . Then the circular shape could be sculpted with the back combed hair and pinned into place . I like how this followes the geometric shapes and also mirrors the shapes that are created by the metal rings the Mursi tribe women wear as headresses.

To achieve this style I tied my own hair up into a bun on top of my head . I then used 3 sets of clip in extentions and clipped each on seperatly around the bun and form a larger bun each time they were added .

The final image is with all 3 extensions clipped in , with the highlights, I felt this gave the impression of material piled up . Also if I was to use this in my final shoot accessories could be added such as feathers or colour to give the base of a headdress . This as very quick to complete so this  would be a could technique to use for the catwalk .

I designed this hair to finally have fullers earth on the flat section of the hair at the front of the head . I took pictures of each stage, as sometimes other hair ideas can be inspired through the stages of a hair style .
I really like what happened when I sectioned the front section of the hair and backcomb the back. With fullers earth of the front section this would look like a headdress from the sing sing in Papua New Guinea .

I the rolled the hair into an oblong shape , the pulled the fattern hair round and secured it into place . The oblong could be made bigger by using extentions .

This is how I imagine the final outcome of the hair designs one the accessories have been added .

This was inspired by the mursi tribe headdress . The metal hoops are amazing and I feel this represents them well. It was very quick to achieve . 
( Apologies for the image on the side blogger would not let me upload the rotated version)