Monday, 12 November 2012

Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu Spring/Summer collection 2013

These designs were influenced by the  Marie Queen of Romania . Although this is not a tribal influence  it is a costume that provides transformation to the body. 
I really like the delicate headdresses in these images and how they are all unique but follow the same theme. In the image there is a model walking back of the catwalk I like how prints have been placed on her tights, this would be a quick way to put prints on the legs .
This image is beautiful the natural make up allows the hair to take central focus, the headdress has been designed in a similar tone to the natural colourings of the model. The plaits that are around the ears remind me of an African sculpture, I need to experiment with different  types of plaits these will allow my design development move forward. 

The plaits are a little more visible on this image I really like how the plaits reflect the patterns in the headdresses, the fuzzy effect adds a Afro texture to the hair. 
Image found:

The necklace is made form the same material as the headdress, I like the strong structure of the material and am currently trying to source some stiff materials in order to create my own headdress. The dress has print underneath that compliment the beauty of the model, this could also represent scarification on a model in a modern way.

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