Sunday, 18 November 2012

Initial Face Charts

This idea was inspired by a combination of tribes, strongly referencing the Mursi tribe which I have briefly researched but will be returning to research to gain more information on them. I like the strong use of colour and would use fullers earth to create a dry paint texture . I would also carve into the fullers earth to create scarification, I want this to be a catwalk image so it has to be quick  to achieve. I believe this could be created in a variety of different colours depending on the garment . The hair for this face chart is fairly quick, it would involve a separate head piece in order to create the half moon shape in the centre of the head. I would make this out of wire and cover with hair extensions ,  I would then create spiral twist on the head stopping at the crown these would then be pinned and small plaits down the rest of the hair finished off with material. The circular section by the ear would be made from a polystyrene ball and cover the hair . 

This design is based on the hunting mask which I saw at the Horniman Museum , I was captivated by this mask when I saw it in person and would love to recreate a modern version of this . There are two options that i have thought of to create the beads : 1. cover the face in a variety of different red toned crystals 2. use gelatine or latex to create round circular lumps . Then cover the entire face in red aqua colour leaving the eyes and mouth. The shoulders and down the spine  and the chest would then have designs of scarification . The hair fro this would be crimped and backcomb to hair way down the head then plaited and beads added . This would work as an editorial image as i would like to take time over the placement of the beads. I don't believe it would work for a quick change catwalk show anyway as it would be too delicate . 

A face chart based on the tribal tattoos and accessories of the Maori tribe . These designs would reflect the tattoo patterns of the Maori tribe as well as influences from other tribes. I like this face chart however, I feel it lacks a lot of colour and I want to use colour to engage with the audience whether its on the catwalk or in an editorial the designs have to speak for themselves . I like the tattoo's down the neck and onto the arms this is something I will trail run to see if this would be achievable in the time frame . The hair in this piece consist of a fluffy texture almost cotton wool like , with plaits braided round the ear .

Inspired by my research into 'Sing sings' and the birds of paradise , I created this design , I like the strong use of colour and the relfect it has to the tribe and there most precious animals. I would try and source long white feathers and paint the blue lines onto them then attach them to the face.  I would also make a head dress from feathers and other natural objects . The hair would be encourparated into this with plaits, spiral twist and curls. This designs would work for the editorial only as I believe it woudl be to striking for the catwalk and may not compliment every garment . However a concept of many different birds of paradise could be used to adapt to the different garments on the catwalk . The way I would apply the make up would reflect the images of Theo - mass , I want there to be alot of texture to my images . 

This is a sketch of a man I saw in hair book , I really like the patterns that had been created in his hair and this made me think that the tattoo design reference could apply to designs in the hair . I was thinking of recreating iconic tribal tattoos but in the hair , this would be a chance to create amazing sculptural shapes that would cast the designs onto the background . This will take more development into the shapes and what can be created using stuffing and structures in the hair . 

This is the initial sketch of the hair design in my first face chart, it was from the same hair book on African tribal hair . I like the accessorises that hair been used, they reinforce the circular shapes used in many tribes and the body adornment idea . 

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