Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Causing a shadow

This is some images from the Internet that I have gathered on lighting effects using different textures, to gain amazing shadow patterns.I would like to recreate this for my editorial image background, I am going to ask the photography students for help in creating this technique on camera.

I like how this pattern reflects scarification , it has been created using texture glass . I believe this could be recreated cheaper by making the design in cling and placing it over the light . This is a technique that I will practice and post pictures on.

                            pattern casting shadow light
I really like how simple this is two replicate it could be done using paper and cutting a design onto a circular shape and place around the lighting . The design in this particular lighting reminds me of Maori tattoos, it would be amazing to recreate this as a background and to incorporate he shadows into the make up and hair designs.
Shadows created by natural objects - this shadow has been cast by the tress in a park , this will also represent their natural environments and the shadows that will be cast in their natural habitats. The architecture in most tribes, is associated with their religious beliefs . I would like to look further into there habitats and use this as an influence to some lighting designs.

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