Thursday, 8 November 2012

Theo-mass Lexilectous

Theo- mass Lexilectous has collaborated with designers such as Patrick Ian Hartley who  makes bespoke face masks and Andreas M. Georgiou who uses paint on the body and other objects , gaining influence from the energy and the ego of the body . Below is a couple of amazing images of their collaborations , Theo-mass has an ambition to create a real life super hero and is currently creating a comic style book of images, in which he plays the leading role.

Patrick Ian Hartley focus' on  corsets for the face, forming a structure enhancing  the face, not only interested in the shape that can be created through the bespoke masks, but also interested in the light and the reflection that these mask create on the skin.

Image found :
This image reminds me of a sculpture of a Ancient God, the make up is flawless combining the shiny, plastic mask with glitter continues the same colour theme . The mask that Patrick has created attracted my attention  because I am obsessed with texture, I also feel that this mask could represent scarification or tattoos in my project . It is an object which I could recreate as it is body adornment and a physical transformation which would look powerful for a catwalk image .The patterns would also absorb the lighting of a catwalk show and continuously change depending on the position of the model and the angle of the viewer.This concept is exciting think that every person in the audience will gain a different view on the same piece .

 The paint in the image above is something I would like to recreate, it works amazingly with the structural mask and the reflection that has been created has added more tones to the image. It is also something that I was looking into when I was creating drawings in the style of Enkeling. The colours remind me of the research into the birds of paradise, as tribes use these as part of the ceremonies, these colours could be used as a palette for my catwalk image.

The title of these images ' the ultimate acceptance' is an interesting title as the acceptance of different cultures and beliefs is difficult in the world today. Many wars and feuds are created over the true acceptance of people, looking into the strong beliefs of tribes and their cultural differences has made me think 'would they be truly accepted into our culture as they are?' People would probably stare, judge and assume because they are different they are bad. This reaction is common among people who get a number of tattoo's or who choose to wear jewellery in unusual places .
Looking back at the image the paint that Andreas has used on the face is beautiful , I like the use of bold colours defining the contours of the face.

Image found:

Another image from the same shoot , using cling film on the face has created texture to the face , painting on top of this has created an interesting second skin. This could be used to recreated scarification . I also like how the lip has be accentuated by painting underneath and positioning the camera underneath Theo-mass .

When I first viewed this image I instantly thought of a person crumbling into pieces because they had broken a  curse . I like the idea of this to use as a concept for my catwalk image, the story being that the models in the show have been cursed by a mythical or religious spirit , they are crumbling and decaying in front of the audience. I am very happy with this story and would like to go into detail in a few of the tribes that I have researched, to understand their curses and the consequences of evil people in a tribe .

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