Saturday, 10 November 2012


I realised my research was lacking in my own drawings and that this would help in my design development, also in getting the correct designs . I would not want to put designs onto the body which were not authentic, I feel this would offend the culture and would not be a real representation of the tribes. Using books I looked at designs of scarification,tattoos,sculptures and textures in materials and clothing.

These are lines that were on a clay pot , I learnt that these patterns would have been made by the family and the markings would resemble the markings that were on that families body either in tattoo form or scarification. I like how the patterns have a deep meaning and these could be translated into my designs, I would like to continue looking at objects that different families used.
This is a quick sketch of a woman that I found in a book about African hair, I think the structure of the hair is amazing and would be something I would like to recreate in my design development idea's . This is the type of hairstyle I would be looking to create for my editorial work,as it captures the culture, but it will also cast amazing shadows on the back ground. The continuation of lines and circular shapes is reflected in the hair and on the face which is something I defiantly would want to create in my images for both catwalk and editorial . I want there to be a continuing theme with the colour in the make up and in the styling continuing through in the patterns and textures.

This a Maori tribal tattoo which was on a males chest, these tattoo often ranked the highest members in the tribe and reflected religious beliefs .
This is a feather cloak which can been seen in some tribes at ceremonies , worn around the waist, this would create colour and movement in the dances. These cloaks were often spiritual and brought the wearer good luck if they were in battle .

A design which appears popular among the Maori tribes, although it its simple it would cover a large area of the body, such as the tops of legs or the chest.
This a sketch of part  of Kowhaiwhai painting, they are believed to represent growth in a tribe, and also  the broken and overlapping spirals representing the tribe. This is an interesting concept that the present and the history of a tribe can be represented in a painting, I would like to use this as a reference for my editorial image. I believe that using the history of a tribe and combining it with the present day will be a great visual reference to the tribes .

These are tattoo's that were found on a Maori man , the thick black lines complement each other. Using these designs I would like to create a pattern series of patterns which could be used on the body or as a design for my background .

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