Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kayapo tribe

Kayapo tribe are based in the eastern Amazon with a population of only a couple of thousand , they are under constant attack from cattle hunters and illegal loggers . They believe that their ancestors learnt civilisation from animals which is why these markings are now painted on the body . They also wear headdress as they believe in the universe which is why there headdress are circular and so are their buildings . These buildings are made from thatch palmed roofs with no room separation they all sleep on hammocks. They believe that if you look across a lagoon at dawn a man on a white horse will be visible in a knights armour . they also believe that the dead all join at a community where during the day they will sleep and at night they go out and hunt for food . The adults turn into children and the children turn to adults . All religious ceremonies are intertwined with everyday life however they do hold ceremonies for coming of age and naming ceremonies .  Men normally marry between 2 to 3 wives of which he may have several children with each this is encourage to keep the population of the tribe up . 

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This is a video displaying how the lip plate is used in daily life .

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The clothing that they wear consist of coloured cloth around their abdomen , bead, shell and cotton bands are also worn . The headdress are made from bright colour feathers , the chiefs just ear yellow feathers to replicate the sun . 

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The Kapayo believe that bee's helped their ancestors so this is a popular design created on the skin .

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I would really like to give the impression that a lip ring has been inserted into my models lip i would like to look into this and practice a few ideas that I have .

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Geometric shapes are painted as well as markings in the colours black and red . These two colours agianst the bright colours of their clothing and accessories looks amazing .

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