Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Horniman Museum , London - Haiti

The second museum I visited on my trip to London was the Horniman in Forest Hill . It is such a fun museum , I can't wait visit is again and spend a full day exploring the entire museum unfortunately I only has time to have a brief visit . 
The African world

Haiti Altar 
Vodouists believe  God is a distant person in their belief , consequently worshipping spirits who are call Iwa, these spirits can be worshipped for different reasons such as health, wealth , family and so on . Vodou people believe that they can choose a spirit or the spirit choose them, if so then they must worship that spirit. They worship by offering the spirit gifts, each spirit has different gifts that they must offer up on the altars .the combination of the bright colour and jewels with the classic painting of religious characters is beautiful, I would like to look into classic paintings in religion and look into the styling . As these figures have influenced the tribes by religion and there images, I would like to see if there is a connection between the clothing styles.

Libation bottles - never to be placed on an alter empty and decorated with jewels .
the sequins on the forehead could be used in a hair design as the nape of the bottle could be recreated with a stiff pony tail .

Usually more than one skull will appear on an altar , this will be a family members that has been placed there to be watched by the spirits .

Baron Samedi is the spirit of death, offering to Baron consist or alcohol,cigarettes, grilled peanuts and other objects similar to those above. It is interesting to note that some of these offerings must have change over time because many texts of research on the Baron Samedi  said he likes Pall Mall cigarettes !!!

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