Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Damyeong Yoo-Hartlaub

La nuit blanche l'aube noire

 Dameyeong used paper to create 3-D patterns , this captured my attention as the patterns could be recreated as tribal and would be an interesting concept for styling. I like the idea of the patterns produce in the material and also the shadow that is cast .
( Apologies for the borders on the images ) 

The holes that have been made in the person appear to be scarification , using the technique of cutting out patterns on paper is interesting , instead of drawing it on paper actually making the design in the paper to see the effect.

A selection of work named Mother and Daughter
Image found :http://www.damyeong.de/image/illust/mother.daughter/illust_mother1.jpg

The hair connects the two people together like a chain , although the pattern that has been created looks like a tribal marking either a tattoo or scarification .
Two women again connected by the  hair, it is visible on the top female has some form of necklace on from behind the shape looks amazing. I also like the shape the hair on the lower female , it appears to be an exaggerated headscarf shape.

The patterns in this hair designs could be recreated on the hair using cornrows and then curling the hair to create the waves. It is captivating how the texture in the hair by using two tones of paper.

This is another beautiful image which could easily be recreated in the hair , however I like the pattern that has been form, i am curious to find out how to create different patterns in plaiting techniques.

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