Saturday, 20 October 2012

Matis Indians

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The Matis small tribe of around 300 people who live in two villages in Brazil, they are one of the last remaining tribes to hunt in the way in which their ancestors did. The Matis use 4 metres long blow guns, which are decorated with patterns to hunt , these blow guns are almost silent which helps the members of the tribe to fire their poisoned darts without the animals knowing . Before the Matis can hunt a ritual using the liquid from a poisoned frog and human saliva is placed in small circular burns in the skin, this is to give the hunter strength to overcome any obstacles whilst on the hunt . As well as this liquid from a leaf is placed into the eyes to ensure the hunter is focused on the hunt and bringing back food for the tribe.
Matis are an unclothed tribe, only seen with bodily accessories from plants, piercing and tattoo's which are influenced by the Jaguar . As see in the picture above the male has spikes in his nose which are imitating whiskers, this is an interesting accessory to the nose which could be replicated by attaching small pieces of wood to the nose with liquid latex.
The tattoos on the males face can be found on every Matis, these are produced during the Musha rituals on the adolescent, using burnt leafs to form a paste and the spine of a peach palm to create the markings .

Image found
Woman making food for the Musha ritual , the tattoos and nose piercing are noticeable, they all have square cut hair lines, almost like a uniform of the Matis making them identifiable. 

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