Friday, 5 October 2012

Thoughts on the brief

Wild kingdom is a Tribal themed make up and hair project, the final outcome will consist of two mid- length and head shots . One which will be created for an editorial campaign and the second for a high fashion catwalk performance. This brief is exciting, as anything is possible , tribes have influenced the arts for centuries, researching the history and origins of different tribes will awaken my mind to the extreme areas make up and hair design can be taken. The main problem I know I will encounter is the scale of the tribal theme, I will consciously have to research a variety of tribes and influences, aiming to focus of only a small number. I would like to combine different tribes together to form a unique outcome for my final images. I am interested in creating all my own accessories from natural resources, to keep the creation of the images as traditional as possible, this will be a challenge but I feel it's the best way to keep my designs personal.

The textures in these ancient sculptures are interesting, when I first looked at them I have a desire to touch the decay . I feel this adds to the works of art , allowing the audience to connect on the journey they have been through and the continuing future of there transformations . I would like to use this as inspiration for my images, trying to convey a history of a tribe using textures.

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  1. How lovely! Very refreshing to see research that starts by focusing on sculpture and ceramic heads. Well done here. A unique perspective that I would like you to continue.

    Make sure that you do visit the British Museum this month.

    Have you researched any of the books in the library?