Tuesday, 9 October 2012

David Guetta ft Sia - Falling to Pieces

When watching this video I noticed a strong connection between the costume's of the Nordic huntsmen and the animals, this has been achieved by using similar fur tones in the hunters clothing, as the wolf's coat. The hunters can be seen with tanned, tight , dry skin and visible wounds to the face, these resemble the wolf's coat and wounds. The texture of the landscape has been accentuated on the hunters when they begin to crumble, although I do not like this effect as I feel it cheapens the video, it has made me observe how landscapes and textures can be portrayed on the body. I would like to experiment using make up to create a crumbling face.
The movements of the wolf running have also inspired me to research animal movements as uncontacted tribes can only learn from their environments. This led my thoughts into their everyday movements, communication skills and eating habits.

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