Friday, 11 January 2013

Sing Sing

I have looked into the Sings sing which are tribal gathering in Papua New Guinea, the traditional dress for these gatherings reflects birds of paradise . Not only do the tribes adorn their bodies with the feathers of the birds of paradise but they also copy the mating dances of the birds.

Image found :
 I really like how the main feature of the face has been the eyes these will be the vital in the success of finding a partner for humans and for the birds. The colours have been kept to a minimum which allows all the focus on the eyes . I like the texture of the beads and how that has been mirror onto the forehead using white paint . The feathers that are on the sides of the face are recognisable as a tropical bird of paradise . The skin underneath has spots of darker pigment which appear to be tattoo's this show the true personality of the wearer, I really like the idea of having a consumed but still having the identity of the wearer visible .

Image found :
The hair in this image is amazing I like how it has the appearance if a birds nest , there appears to be some leafs positioned in the hair . The texture of the skin is exciting the shoulders look like moss growing on the skin , and I like the subtle costume as a flamboyant costume would take away from the beautiful body paint .

Image found:
Again I really like the hair in this image how the birds of paradise feathers have been combined with hair it looks a beautiful mess . I would like to create this using hair taking inspiration form both these images and any more that I find I would like to create hair that appears to be a nest / feathers .
Image found :
This image screams tribal ceremony , I like the bright colours which have been incorporated in the headdress dress and in the make up. This connection is something I would hope to achieve in my final image . I  like how the lines on the face are not perfect and some of the lip colour has been smudged onto the facial hair , this is something I would never of considered before as everything I do I want to be perfect to the face. However, this has taught me that it does not have to be to portray a tribe imperfection is possibly an aspect to consider .

The red looks very intense and visible from a distance, although the headress is a massive feature in this image my eyes are immediatly drawn to the nose . Capturing my attention I then move to the rest of the face and notice the skin has dark pigment circles which again keep the identity of the person . I like how the headress is a part of the face it does not seem a seperate feature tis is something i will consider for my final shoot . I want the hair to follow the make up and not be a seperate part of the design , this could be creayed by adding colour to the hair .

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