Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Editorial Shoot Plans

Here are a few sketches of the editorial shoot and how I plan to style the shoot . All the accessories are handmade by myself . This image references :

  • Mursi tribe through the use of circular shapes in the hair and around the neck.
  • Scarification which is present in many tribes that I have research
  • Kayapo tribe through the body painting 
  • Ceramics through the scarification pattern and hair and fullers earth
  • Sing Sing through the feathers in the necklace. 
  • Naomi Filmer metal necklace .

For the hair I took inspiration from the shapes of Ceramic pots , I like how the handles are the hair and this made me think of designing a hair style to reflect this . 

The clothing is simple as most of the tribes that I have research have worn very little clothing and I felt if I added colour in the top it would take away from the statement necklaces .

This is the face chart for the Editorial shoot . 

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