Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hair Development

These images of hair development have evolved by gaining  inspiration from: traditional tribal hair style, the headdress and accessories of the Mursi Tribe , the geometric shapes and jewellery which has been a constant theme in my research including lip plates ,  the artwork of Damyoneong Yoo-hartlaub and the sculptures that I saw at the  Horniman museum , London.
These are just practices the finished hair for my shoots will be finished off using products and may have crepe hair , fullers earth orother accessories .
This was created by seperating the hair into 3 sepertate ponytails. Each ponytail was then backcomb . Then the circular shape could be sculpted with the back combed hair and pinned into place . I like how this followes the geometric shapes and also mirrors the shapes that are created by the metal rings the Mursi tribe women wear as headresses.

To achieve this style I tied my own hair up into a bun on top of my head . I then used 3 sets of clip in extentions and clipped each on seperatly around the bun and form a larger bun each time they were added .

The final image is with all 3 extensions clipped in , with the highlights, I felt this gave the impression of material piled up . Also if I was to use this in my final shoot accessories could be added such as feathers or colour to give the base of a headdress . This as very quick to complete so this  would be a could technique to use for the catwalk .

I designed this hair to finally have fullers earth on the flat section of the hair at the front of the head . I took pictures of each stage, as sometimes other hair ideas can be inspired through the stages of a hair style .
I really like what happened when I sectioned the front section of the hair and backcomb the back. With fullers earth of the front section this would look like a headdress from the sing sing in Papua New Guinea .

I the rolled the hair into an oblong shape , the pulled the fattern hair round and secured it into place . The oblong could be made bigger by using extentions .

This is how I imagine the final outcome of the hair designs one the accessories have been added .

This was inspired by the mursi tribe headdress . The metal hoops are amazing and I feel this represents them well. It was very quick to achieve . 
( Apologies for the image on the side blogger would not let me upload the rotated version)

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