Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Developing Face Charts

This is the design that I will hopefully be using for my Editorial shoot . I feel this captures alot of techniques which i have learnt over the course of the year in the technical session and through my research. It is a mash up of tribal references from the Mursi tribe, Kayapo tribe and all the tribes in which scarification is present .

However, I used African scupltures to achieve the patterns on the scarification .
The entire upper body will be covered in black stripes using aqua pallette .The neck will have fullers earth on each side down to the shoulders with carved in patterns .

This was just a quick practice run of the eyes to see how dark the eyeshadow would appear , there is no base on in this image. I now have a good idea how this look will appear on the day of the shoot .

Creating scarifcation using duo :
I place a line of Duo on the skin the wiped over it with a folded sheet of paper to gain the ridges at either side of the scar.

I wanted to see what happens to Duo when colour is brushed over , using aqua colour i brush over the scars and I got an amazing result , The colours do not drown out the scar it is still visible through and appears more realistic . I will be using this affect in the editorial shoot .

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