Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Practice shoot

I used this as an experiment to see how the techniques would appear on camera and to practice a face chart I had designed .
Before going into the studio I practice sticking feathers on the eyelashes these stems were taken from large colourful feather and applied using DUO . 

The basic make up and hair before adding colour. I can used the same techniques on different shoots. To get the hair backcomb in a straight line over the centre of the head I separated the hair into 5 ponytails horizontally across the head, then backcombed . I really like this effect and feels it looks like a headdress .  

Although the camera has overexposed alot of the images , I am pleased with the final outcome . I like the scarification and the fullers earth in the hair .
The feathers are a great effect and very easy to apply although a little time consuming 

I feel the hair looks too messy and does not have enough structure so I will return to my original plan of the mohawk for the editorial . But I will incorporate the scarification into the image . I will also adapt the fullers earth to use with my catwalk image .

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