Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Drawings that influence Scarification and Tattoo patterns

Using books on African art and culture , I looked at there everyday hunting objects aswell as there ceramics , this gave me the basis to begin sketching patterns for scarification or tattooing on my final image.  
I think the left hand image would look good on the shoulder and the following image down the arm as to symbolise tattooing.

I used scarification from other African people to sketch out the designs of these images , I feel these would also look good down the arm . The only problem I now feel I have with large tattoo or scarification is that they take quite a long time to complete and in the 3 hour time limit to complete the hair and make up it would be a massive rush to get these designs perfect in a large scale . I may choose to use parts of these designs in a simple form on smaller areas of body .

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