Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ernst Haeckel

After researching Marios Schwab collection I found that the collection had been hevily influenced by artist Ernst Haeckel , his work is so beautiful and I am so pleased that I found this work .

Ernst used his knowledge in biology , zoology and many other things to create a collection of beautiful images . Although this is not entirely tribal the patterns which are produced are from natural forms , which are in the natural habitats of the tribal communities .
Image found :
 This reminds me of a basket which has been created by weaved bamboo , it fascinates me that this is a in depth drawing of a natural form. The detail that has been captured make me wonder what we miss by not looking close enough . This also could reflect in my shoot as there could be more to the image than at first glance, such as small details in the hair and accessories
Image found:
I would like to use the detailed images in my future drawings , I believe if i look into the animals that surround the tribes that I have been researching I would get some amazing patterns.
Image found :,biology,drawings,geology,haeckel,science-c93c9cfc9fc33ed7c80db8c7bb2c4198_h.jpg
These drawings remind me of the habitats that the tribal communities live in and it is clear how they have evolved using the animals in their environments .

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