Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Hair practice for editorial

I used traditional vase sculptures as inspiration for the shape in my editorial image , I like how the hair and the handle create circular movement , this made me think of the other circular shapes I have previously researched . I also like how this has brought my research back to my initial starting point , I began this project looking at ceramics pots , these have influenced my research alot as I am obsessed with texture.

This is my hair practise for my editorial shoot , I want to create a modern version of a classic tribal style . The buns are to represent the circular shapes that I have notice throughout my research into all the tribes . I feel it would look great if in my final image I could attach crepe hair into the buns and then crimp the hair before forming the buns . This will add colour and texture the hair which will represent the tribal hair styles that I have researched.
I will pull the hair in to the centre alot tighter and neater to give a sheer and glossy finish I will also use hairspray .
I am very happy with the result of this image I would like to experiment further with this style in different positions . I will also look into the colour scheme of the crepe hair I will be using .

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